Mathew 15:14-16

14 Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. 15 Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. 16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Monday, November 21, 2016

November 21, 2016
Well I hope everyone had a great week

Monday- We went to go look at a new apartment we are wanting to move into. It was super great. Where we are living now is just not the best... our shower is a weak stream of water that comes out of the wall... So we are hoping we can do everything we need to so we can move at the beginning of December. We will see what happens. The new apartment we saw was pretty nice. Its sad because it was almost so nice I felt uncomfortable being in it because I am just so accustomed to different things now.

Tuesday- In the afternoon we passed by the house of one of our 17-year old girl investigators that had a baptismal date for the 26th of November. And we caught her smoking with some of her friends. Super depressing.... We talked with her and tried to teach and share a message with her and her friends but it was just a wreck. I absolutely do not enjoy teaching young girls here. I understand I am their age, blond, and from the United States but its just so annoying and ridiculous how they turn into a giggly, girly mess when I try to talk and teach....
Then later in the day we had a lovely interaction with an older gentlemen. He was even so kind to spit in my face after we were done talking

Wednesday- Today I did divisions with some missionaries in the offices of our mission (they are regular missionaries but just assigned to work in the offices for a short time and take care of things like technology, visa paperwork, and stuff like that). It was a pretty good day. I got to ride in a car so that was great... I seriously miss driving so much... The whole day we just did tasks in the offices and then at the end of the day we went to their area and made some visits. The life of a missionary in an office is very different. They have so much weird stuff to do. The elders there even jokingly threatened to give my mail box to another missionary because it has been more than 5 months since I have received any letters or mail from home.... so thats awesome....

Thursday- We were lied to in our faces so many times today. So frustrating. We had absolutely no success.... But on the bright side, in the night my companion got his patriarchal blessing. I was able to be there and it was a super special experience. He was so anxious and nervous he felt really sick before he got the blessing and it reminded me how I pucked a few seconds before I got my own patriarchal blessing haha.

Friday- In our ward there are 2 companionships of missionaries. Me and my companion have the south part of the area of our ward and the other companionship of elders are in the north area... So in the morning today, the other companionship of missionaries got a call from our mission president and he told them that they were both leaving on Saturday, and that my companion and I were going to have both the areas for 2 weeks, and then at transfers we would both get new companions and I would get taken out of my current area and put in the north area.... So basically after several weeks of so much stress, hard work, and long hot sweaty hours in the sun to fix and build up my area, I am losing everything and being taken out and put in a new area and I have to start all over again...

As I missionary, I have really come to understand more what it means to be a son of a loving Heavenly Father. Sometimes its hard to understand why God requires us to sacrifice things so important and dear to us, why he allows the words and actions of others to hurt us, and why he continues to give us trials in the moments we are struggling the most. But its all because he loves us. He is teaching us to be patient and to trust in him because he has greater things in store for us. He truly is a God with a divine plan for each of his children.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving close to family and loved ones.

Elder Townsend

November 7, 2016
Pretty great week. I don't have much time to write but the highlight of this week was definitely on Friday when I did divisions with another Elder in a city called Ciudadela and we went to ¨¨el fuerte apache¨¨. That place is so crazy. I literally cant explain the things I saw haha. Its basically like a 20 block neighborhood of straight up ghetto, government housing. In the thirty minute time period we were there I was offered drugs 5 times haha. And they were even so nice they showed me the drugs up front and everything. 

Well I hope everyone has a great week!


-argentine night life

-I managed to get a picture of a small piece of ¨¨El Fuerte Apache¨¨....don't ask me how I took the picture...

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